Webinar Video & Slides: Online Identity Management & The QR-Coded Resume

We had the pleasure of hosting a webinar for professional resume writers and career coaches. In a world where you are who Google says you are, online identity management is more important than ever.

QR codes are increasingly popular on resumes and personal business cards, enabling recruiters and hiring managers to scan the code with a smartphone to reach a rich, mobile-friendly microsite containing information about the job candidate.

As a professional career coach and/or resume writer, embracing new technology is an way to expand the services you offer your clients and grow your business, while helping them stand out from the crowd. Watch this webinar to learn how you can quickly and easily manage the online identities and set up QR codes for your clients. You’ll also see some good examples of QR codes on real resumes, and walk through the process of adding them to your own clients’ resumes.

Wendy Enelow, author, trainer, career consultant, and co-founder of Resume Writing Academy, joins Vizibility’s director of marketing Adrian Maynard, to lead this fun and informative discussion.

In case you missed it, or if you wanted the slides, you can view the webinar video and get the slides below. Thanks to everyone who attended!

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