Social Media Savvy Part 2: 5 Ways to Show Off Your LinkedIn Skills

LinkedIn is perhaps the easiest way to merge your professional life with your online brand. The ease of the site has allowed professionals from all corners of the globe to promote their achievements, as well as networking with those in their respective industries. With the site reporting over 100 million members worldwide, it’s no surprise that employers, hiring managers, and recruiters use the site to find hot new talent.

So, how can you show off your LinkedIn skills to get noticed and potentially get hired?

Complete your profile. Completing your LinkedIn profile to its fullest seems like an obvious move, but many people don’t do it. Remember, LinkedIn is supposed to complement your resume, as well as include information you wouldn’t usually include, like industry, professional biography, recommendations, portfolio pieces, social media links, etc. Take advantage of this platform by filling out each section to its entirety. Those extra 15 minutes could be the difference between landing a job and staying stagnant. (Don’t forget to include your SearchMe link!)

Join relevant groups. Just like your offline life, you should join relevant groups and associations not only to promote yourself, but also to learn from industry peers and thought leaders. LinkedIn groups gives you an avenue to discover the latest trends, issues, jobs, and innovations inside your scope, allowing you to become more knowledgeable about your industry and perhaps lead you to a career.

Engage in discussions. Say you have a question about how to break into the advertising industry. You’ve asked around, but can’t seem to get the response you are looking for. Well, what better place to ask than LinkedIn’s Answers tool? Answers allows users to ask and answer questions in any given category, which helps both the questioner and the respondent. The questioner gets an answer, while the respondent promotes their knowledge and experience. Even if you aren’t looking for a job, Answers is a great way to get your name out there and solidify your personal brand.

Follow companies. These days, most companies have an online presence on a variety of channels, like Facebook and Twitter. However, following companies on LinkedIn is a great way to interact with the organizations you are interested in. For example, many companies disclose company information that isn’t otherwise stated on other websites, like employee info, demographics, open positions, etc. You can use this information to network with the organization, as well as past and present employees to get your foot in the door.

If you want something, say it. No one will know if you’re looking for a job if you don’t say so. Likewise, if you have an open position within your company, how are candidates supposed to show their interest if they have no idea where to apply?

Using LinkedIn as a way to promote your cause is not shameless. On the contrary, LinkedIn is supposed to be a platform on which to show off your skills and accomplishments, so if you want something, say so. For example, if you are looking for a job, update your status, stating that you are a job seeker in a certain industry and where you want to work. That way, recruiters and hiring managers can find and research you. Remember, if you make it easy for the party you want to attract, you are already on their good side.

How do you show off your LinkedIn skills?

Adrian Maynard is Vizibility’s director of marketing. He has more than 20 years of experience in marketing, many of those years in the technology industry. Find Adrian in Google at


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