Managing Online Reputations During a Crisis

Protect and Manage Clients’ Online Reputations with Curated Search Results: A Recent Talk at the PRSA National Conference in San Francisco

PR crisis management expert James Lukaszewski (Google Me via Vizibility) and Vizibility founder and CEO James Alexander (Google Me via Vizibility) gave a talk recently at the PRSA national conference in San Francisco.

A preemptive PR strategy is essential in helping clients build their reputations and to protect, defend, and preserve reputation during crisis events. Since Google is now the go-to source for information, PR professionals need to know how to manage search results and direct information seekers to the right links.

During this presentation attendees discovered an effective, easy-to-administer solution that allows them to proactively manage search results by pre-selecting the links they want displayed and use personal Google AdWords campaigns to direct users to the right information about their clients. It enables PR professionals to curate and share online client identities, personalize search results and direct contacts to professional profiles and other important information. By using techniques to optimize the ranking of hand-picked search engine results, PR professionals can more effectively help clients manage their online reputations and control emerging stories.

These strategies are also the foundation for preemptive, constructive crisis management communications initiatives that can sustain, protect, and even enhance reputations.

Download the handout

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