NFC Mobile Wallet Card

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Mobilize Your Identity with
an NFC Mobile Wallet Card!

Don’t just talk about the latest mobile technology, start using it to share your Mobile Business Card and convey a tech-savvy image.


Click here to create your
free Vizibility account
(skip this step if you
already have Vizibility).
Sign into Vizibility and
review your Mobile
Business Card.
Order from the Vizibility
Store, or get a free
NFC card with every
business card order.
Start using your card
when it arrives in 10-15
business days.

Get your NFC Mobile Wallet Card from Vizibility! Package and share your online identity using the latest mobile technology. You can now use NFC in addition to QR codes to share your Mobile Business Card::

  • Wirelessly share your Mobile Business Card with any NFC-enabled device
  • Make it easy to get in touch with tap-to-call, email and text
  • Break the ice by sharing common connections on LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Grow your network with vCard sharing options for download, email and virtual introductions
  • Stay informed by tracking when and where your Mobile Business Card is viewed

Your NFC Mobile Wallet Card is the size of a credit card and made of durable plastic with an embedded NFC chip. Your personal QR code is also on the front so anyone without NFC can still instantly access your Mobile Business Card.

To get Your Free NFC Mobile Wallet Card, sign into Vizibility and click the Store tab to pick your preferred printer. You can also easily add your QR code to your new printed cards. Once the printer has been selected and the business card purchase is complete, your NFC Mobile Wallet Card will be created and shipped directly from Vizibility at no charge.

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