Legal Tech Article on Using QR Codes

Have you noticed all the buzz about QR codes? The legal industry has already started using them for individual attorneys on business cards and bio pages. An article from Vizibility in the January issue of the Legal Tech Newsletter lays out these seven strategies for maximizing QR code effectiveness:

1. Remember that QR codes are a mobile tool.
2. Use only one QR code.
3. Make sure your URL contains a name.
4. Optimize QR code size.
5. Brand your QR codes carefully, if at all.
6. Think about the call to action.
7. Make sure users will have an Internet connection.

Read the full article to get the details on these steps and find some additional helpful information about incorporating QR codes into your marketing mix.

Recent QR Code Study

Vizibility also recently conducted a survey with the Legal Marketing Association to understand the use of QR codes within legal marketing. Here are the core findings:

We’ve prepared an infographic to illustrate the full results from the survey, which you can view at You can also see our newest infographic on the use of social media within the legal industry, based on research conducted by LexisNexis and Vizibility.

Firms Using QR Codes Today

Here are just a few of the top law firms who are using (or plan to use) QR codes today:


Learn More

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Sean Dillon is Vizibility’s Director of Business Development. He is an expert in online marketing strategies and tactics that produce significant profit and high ROI. Find Sean in Google at

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