How Vizibility Can Help Lawyers in One Step

Understandably, lawyers are busy people. From attracting and gaining clients to keeping up with an ever-changing market, life can get pretty hectic. On top of all that, many lawyers have to keep in mind that their reputations may be at stake, particularly online.

Don’t think a simple Google search on your name or the name of your law firm could cause issues? Think again.

Let’s say a potential client is looking for some new representation. While asking for leads and testimonials from colleagues and friends, they receive a few firms and lawyers that may be the right fit for their organization, one of them being you. Before striking up any sort of conversation, the potential client looks you up in Google, as many of us tend to do when we want to find out more information.

However, as with many people, you have a common name, which tends to get confusing in search engines. So, the potential client is left with profiles, images, videos, and content that’s attached to your name, but doesn’t exactly speak of your accomplishments, cases won, experience, awards, etc. Instead, a rather negative picture is painted, which turns the person off, leaving you and your organization in the dust.

How can lawyers avoid these obvious cases of mistaken identity, especially when many search engines do little to verify your identity? Well, Vizibility, the first SearchMe Button for Google, can help lawyers in just one step. Vizibility allows users to customize their top five search results, hosting them in a free and permanent SearchMe Buttons, links, and QR codes, which can be placed on business cards, resumes, online profiles, presentations, and most other online and offline materials.

When a potential client clicks or scans your SearchMe results, they are immediately taken to your verified results, which avoids things like mistaken identity and negative impressions of you and your firm, which may lead the way to more business, a growing reputation, and overall longevity. And all you had to do was customize your search results in order to create a more concrete brand. Can it get any easier?

Are you a lawyer using Vizibility? How has it helped you?

Sean Dillon is Vizibility’s Director of Business Development. He is an expert in online marketing strategies and tactics that produce significant profit and high ROI. Find Sean in Google at

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