How Vizibility Can Help Lawyers Become More Personable

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Whenever we want a service provided to us by experienced professionals such as lawyers, we usually look them up online. If you think about it, the bios, testimonials, and even look and feel of the actual site are the first – and perhaps only – chance you have at impressing a potential client.

According to the LMA Best Practice Summary, President Michael Bowman states that “potential clients want to know who you are, and what you do, besides being a lawyer.” Bowman even suggests that some law firm attorneys have profiles for “legal robots.”

Further, many lawyers are graduates of Ivy League schools and have 10+ years of experience. How are you different? Well, you could use Vizibility.

Vizibility’s SearchMe Button for Google, is an easy way to put a face on a regular attorney bio. Of course you have to state your experiences and have a proper headshot. However, have you ever thought of going beyond that?

tYour SearchMe Button and Link can be configured to show your top five Google search results, from your Twitter account to client testimonials. It can also be placed underneath your online attorney biography, giving a potential client an added resource instead of performing a search themselves. Further, since Vizibility is an active member of the LMA and serves on the technology Special Interest Group of the New York Chapter, we have law firm interests in mind.

So, go ahead and clean up your rigid bio, and add a Vizibility SearchMe Button to your profile. After all, just because you are a lawyer, doesn’t mean you have to be seen as stiff. Get personable. Use Vizibility.

Sean Dillon is Vizibility’s Director of Business Development. He is an expert in online marketing strategies and tactics that produce significant profit and high ROI. Find Sean in Google at

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