How to Create a Vizibility QR Code

At Vizibility, we’re here to help you develop and maintain your online presence and reputation. How do we do this? We let our users customize their top five Google search results and put them into a free and permanent SearchMe link. This link can then be placed on resumes, cover letters, business cards, e-mail signatures, online platforms, etc. However, we take online branding one step further by providing users with a custom QR code. Here’s how you can do it and where you can put it:

Customize your search results. Before you create your QR code, you should first customize your Google search results. Through our simple wizard, called PreSearch, we allow users to create a specialized search query. So, if you want your results to include your LinkedIn account or a customer testimonial, you can do so. Further, you can change up your SearchMe results whenever you want to, allowing you keep your information on par with your online brand.

Download your code. Once you’ve created your SearchMe results, your QR code is ready to be downloaded. All you have to do is login in to your Vizibility account, visit your “Manage Account” page, and then download your QR code. It’s that easy. Further, unlike other QR code services, you never have to change your QR code if you change your SearchMe results. Everything is updated automatically so you can focus on more important things, like maintaining your online reputation to the best of your ability.

Include your photo, contact info and social profiles. While you’re on the “Manage Account” page, take a few minutes to complete the “Go Mobile” section to further personalize your QR code. Whenever someone scans your code, you can include your photo, contact information, and all your social and professional profile links. This information can always be updated any time.

Put your code anywhere. Now that you have updated SearchMe results and your very own QR code, where do you put it? Well, apart from the ideas listed above, you can also put your QR code on many other online and offline materials, like presentations, business letters, printed materials, websites, t-shirts, etc. Get creative and do what you can do stand out. Your personal brand, as well as your online and offline brand, will probably be seen as more legitimate because of it.

Do you have a Vizibility QR code?

Greg Harris is the Product Manager at Vizibility – he is part engineer, part researcher and designer. He comes up with ideas and new features that will make Vizibility more useful for online branding. He does this by talking to customers and partners to understand how they are using the product today and what they like and don’t like. Find Greg in Google at

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