Got Questions? Use Quora

There are times when we have questions about topics, whether they be professional, personal, or we are just curious about certain subject matters.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were some sort of question and answer hub outside of general discussion boards that could help us out?

Enter Quora—a social platform that allows users to ask and answer questions easily and in a variety of topics — from reputation management, to job-hunting, to the best sushi restaurant in New York City. Essentially, Quora is not a question board on a regular website; it’s a social question and answer platform, allowing users to show off their expertise, ask questions, and help others.

So, how can you use Quora to improve your personal brand? Here are a few suggestions:

Follow topics. After you’ve established a username and completed your profile, your next step should be to follow topics relevant to your industry, current job, or interests. As stated before, Quora allows you to follow a variety of topics that appeal to you, whether you are a job seeker, industry leader, or CEO. Following topics allows you to:

– Find out the latest news in your industry or topic of interest.

– Figure out the sorts of questions you want to ask and who to specifically target your question to.

– Learn before you seek knowledge.

By following topics on Quora, you can determine how to ask your questions (and to whom), as well as find out if your query has already been answered.

Ask away. Once you’ve followed the appropriate topics, you should start using Quora for its true purpose: asking valid questions. Think about asking questions that will spark a real discussion. That is, ask questions that people can’t just find answers to in a Google search. Questions with substance will not only start a dialogue; they may also make you look more educated since you took the time to ask something thought provoking. Further, Quora can be used as another way to network with others, especially if you monitor responses and ask follow-up questions. Be sure to use Quora to its full potential.

Show off your thought leadership. Quora is great for people who want to learn more. However, it can also be an avenue for something more—showing off your thought leadership. As you follow topics, be sure to look for questions that you can answer thoroughly. If possible, create a well-rounded response, backing it up by facts, statistics or personal experience. You’ll not only be seen as legitimate, but you’ll also help someone who needs it. This gives your brand a positive reinforcement, helps you network with others, and of course, shows off your thought leadership.

Have you used Quora? What are your thoughts on the social platform?

Adrian Maynard is Vizibility’s director of marketing. He has more than 20 years of experience in marketing, many of those years in the technology industry. Find Adrian in Google at

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