Google Profiles: Are You In?

Lately, it seems as if our lives are led online. From connecting with old friends to searching for jobs, we are bombarded with new social platforms, networking heavily on the Web, and the need to constantly update our online presence. However, as we’ve said in the past, the more content you have online, the better your online brand and reputation will be.

Further, if you feel overwhelmed by the amount of social networking you think you have to do, think about sticking to the classics, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and one you may not have considered, Google Profiles.

Google Profiles is a simple online platform system that allows users to create a very brief and succinct profile easily, without the fuss of tons of features or widgets. It’s simple. Users can make a Google account then create a profile containing basic information like name, location, profession, links to other sites, etc. You can also indicate if you want your profile to be visible in search results and create a customized profile URL.

Why would you make a Google Profile, though? Aren’t Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn enough? Perhaps. However, in an age where you are what you’re Googled, it’s important to take charge of your search results. In addition to creating a Vizibility SearchMe link (something that works directly with Google), having a Google profile will probably increase your chances of being detectable through search results.

If you’re not convinced, think of it this way: if you were an employer or client looking up someone you may want to work with, you’d probably be more impressed by someone who’s in the first few results, than someone who’s hidden on page four or five. Further, if your personal brand is repeatedly being brought up positively in search results, isn’t that a good thing? Probably. So, do as much as you can to really stand out online. You’ll look better because of it.

Greg Harris is the Product Manager at Vizibility – he is part engineer, part researcher and designer. He comes up with ideas and new features that will make Vizibility more useful for online branding. He does this by talking to customers and partners to understand how they are using the product today and what they like and don’t like. Find Greg in Google at

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