Getting Closer to the Paperless Office

For all the talk about paperless offices, many firms continue to drown in a sea of paper. Check out this recent article from AccountingToday that talks about getting closer to a paperless office.

Three important takeaways are:

  1. 1. Document management and related applications can offer any size firm a less paper-intensive office.
  2. 2. Metadata is probably the most important component of a file or document management application. Metadata can consist of the file’s author, the original creation date, last accessed date, the version number and more.
  3. 3. Going paperless is not just for you; consider your clients and prospects and their needs.

Don’t Forget Your Business Cards

While considering the needs of your clients and prospects, think about how many of your printed business cards get thrown away before being added to someone’s contact list. What if you could make it easier to accurately transfer your contact information without wasting any paper?

As the leading provider of mobile business cards to professional services firms, Vizibility offers an affordable, robust, paperless business card solution. You can see it for yourself by viewing a sample mobile business card at We also have a brief, two minute introductory video to help you quickly judge if Vizibility’s mobile solution can help your firm.

Email us to arrange a brief 10-15 minute demo.

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