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Is Your Online Identity Driving Traffic to Your Site?

Creating and establishing a brand from the bottom up may seem like a daunting task. However, producing an online brand could be a more a difficult venture.
Why? For many people, it’s natural to look things up online. Therefore, how we […]

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How to Create a Vizibility QR Code

At Vizibility, we’re here to help you develop and maintain your online presence and reputation. How do we do this? We let our users customize their top five Google search results and put them into a free and permanent SearchMe […]

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How to Include Vizibility in Your Job Search

Vizibility can do wonders for your online image. From networking to standing out online, Vizibility helps users take control of their online brands, something that is becoming increasingly important as we continue living in a Google society. Further, if you […]

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Google Profiles: Are You In?

Lately, it seems as if our lives are led online. From connecting with old friends to searching for jobs, we are bombarded with new social platforms, networking heavily on the Web, and the need to constantly update our online presence. […]

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What is Foursquare?

In the recent past, there have been a plethora of social networking sites that have helped not only individuals improve their online presence, but also assist brands in knowing who’s using their products or services. Though it may not be […]

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Graduating? How to Get Your Name Out There

Graduation is an exciting time in every student’s life. Regardless of the course of study, graduation for many people means finally being in control of your own life, gaining the sort of job experience we dream about, and obtaining a […]

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How Traditional Job Search Tools Complement Technology

Technology has done wonders for the job search, from niche job boards to online profiles to digital portfolios. However, we shouldn’t discount traditional job search tools. After all, there must be a reason they worked so well before the technology […]

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Social vs. Professional Networking: Finding a Balance

The Web has allowed us to do a lot of things more easily, from watching TV shows to connecting with old friends. However, one the biggest benefits the Internet has given us is the ease at which we network.
Now, we […]

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5 Great Places to Put Your SearchMe Link

Vizibility is the first SearchMe Button for Google. What does this mean? Well, Vizibility actually allows you to customize your personal Google search results so the right ones are brought to the forefront. Once you’ve chosen your top five results […]

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Why Google Analytics is Your Best Friend

You’ve got the content, you’ve got a stellar blog, you’ve even implemented search engine optimization. However, how will you know it’s all working? Enter Google Analytics, a platform established to help you keep better track of your online content and […]

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