4 Ways to Scare Away Your Friends, Followers & Fans

Social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter have allowed brands and individuals to interact with their following in a way that was never possible in the past. You can now publish news immediately, share updates, or even promote events in a snap.

However, is there a point when the content you post (or don’t post) crosses the line? Moreover, can you actually scare away your friends, followers, and fans? Possibly. Here are some examples:

One-sided relationship. Like the name implies, social networking is all about interaction. So, it may not be a good idea to completely ignore the people who have decided to follow your platforms. One-sided relationships aren’t really a good idea offline, so why would they be okay online, especially since many of us translate our entire lives to the web?

Try to interact as much as you can with your followers by asking how their days are going, thanking them for sharing posts, or even asking simple questions. The more you do, the better.

Blatant self-promotion. It’s completely fine to promote company news or announce your job search through social networks. However, it may not be wise to only talk about yourself. Sure, many components of social networking have to do with self-promotion, but that’s not all it should be. Try talking about other people in your industry who are also making a difference, especially those who follow you. You’ll be surprised at how often they return the favor.

Ignoring problems. Sometimes organizations or high-ranking individuals go through a crisis or public problems. Since our lives are heavily conducted online, many people naturally use social networks to find out about news and they expect to see some sort of update. If they find that you aren’t even remotely addressing the issue, it doesn’t look too good on your part. In fact, your followers may begin to believe other sources who could be publishing false information, tarnishing your personal brand.

At the very least, try to direct your followers to an official source, like a company website. That way, they will know where to get the correct news and know that you aren’t ignoring your fan base.

Infrequent updates. Understandably, our lives can get very busy. However, it’s important to keep up with your social networks. Many people do not like following companies or individuals who update infrequently. Further, fans probably don’t appreciate it when people only update when it’s convenient for them.

Make it a point to get a regular social networking schedule, including blogging, interacting with fans, and posting updates. Your fans followed you for a reason; make sure you stay that way.

What are some other ways to scare off friends, followers, and fans?

Adrian Maynard is Vizibility’s director of marketing. He has more than 20 years of experience in marketing, many of those years in the technology industry. Find Adrian in Google at vizibility.com/adrian.

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