4 Reasons Why You Should Delete a Profile

In recent years, many of us have dedicated a lot of our time and energy to our online presence, particularly through social networking platforms. However, there may come a time when you no longer want or need a certain profile anymore. From changing things up to wanting to get rid of old material, there could be a myriad of explanations why someone would want to start fresh.

Whatever the cause, here are four common reasons why you may have to delete one or more of your online platforms and what you can do to rebuild your brand:

Your content hasn’t been updated. Did you jump on the Twitter bandwagon to later realize that it wasn’t for you? Or do you have a blog that you just don’t have the time for anymore? It happens to the best of us. Sometimes, we get so wrapped up in our busy lives that our content becomes stale and outdated. Even if you believe your work is top notch, it still doesn’t look good if it hasn’t been updated since 2009. Think about deleting that old blog or Twitter handle if you have no plans on revamping it. Note: don’t forget to save any valuable information. Once you hit the “delete” button, you probably can’t get your content back.

You’ve changed your industry. Many of us go through a sort of “brand renaissance” at one point of another. Though it’s good to realize that you want to shift your focus, it’s not so good for your online platforms. Changing your focus may mean more than just getting a new job or being your own boss; it means switching the way you post content. A lot of people chose to delete their own platforms and start anew since they no longer wish to be connected with their old industries. If you decide to go this route, remember that you have to start from the ground up. However, this is not always a bad thing since you get to create a new tone, which is a better depiction of you and your industry.

It doesn’t represent you anymore. When our lives transition in a major way, our previous content may not represent us anymore. For example, when you were in college, you may have gone a little overboard with the partying and documented these adventures on every online platform you could get your hands on. Well, now you could be a rising business manager who no longer wants to have this sort of online presence. With this reasoning in mind, it’s perfectly okay to delete certain profiles. This way, you can focus your energy on building a brand that represents you in more positive light–and won’t scare away those who happen to Google you.

It’s been compromised. At times, our online identities could be compromised due to things like Internet hackers. When it reaches the level of no return, you should think about deleting your old profiles since an inaccurate portrayal of yourself and your brand could be quite detrimental. Further, it may be a good idea to address the issue on your new platforms to clear up any confusion and begin to build new profiles. This way, there won’t be any room for people to question your online brand.

Have you deleted a profile? Was it difficult to rebuild a new one?

Adrian Maynard is Vizibility’s director of marketing. He has more than 20 years of experience in marketing, many of those years in the technology industry. Find Adrian in Google at vizibility.com/adrian.

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