3 Things NOT to Post Online

The Internet is a fantastic source of information, literally available to anyone at anytime. In recent years, the need for us to connect with others socially on the Internet has become more and more common, from posting pictures of our insane weekends, to uploading videos of an airport adventure.

However, sometimes we forget the importance of thinking before we post. Further, how we think and act today may not be the same tomorrow. After all, online personal branding is becoming increasingly important, and we need to act accordingly.

Here are three things you should never post online:

Your personal information. It should really go without saying, but you should never post highly personal information online. Many people will freely post phone numbers, home addresses, and where they are at every minute of the day, which is a huge mistake. Even if your network is ironclad, you should never post personal information because you are opening yourself up to identity theft, disruptions in your day-to-day activities, and even cyber bullying. Plus, why would you want the whole world to know where you live or what your phone number is? That’s just a hassle in itself. Do yourself a favor and keep personal information personal.

How much you hate your boss. You may have a boss who belittles your very existence, making your work experience a huge struggle. However, even if you have the boss from hell, you must never say this online. First, there is always a chance your manager could find out and use this information to reprimand you. Second, do you want to be known as the person who rips on their boss at any given moment? With your personal brand as your only “face” on the Internet, you should avoid being seen as someone who complains, and start solving your problems offline.

Stories from Friday night. Okay, we’ve all had those unbelievable nights that make us wonder if they’ve even happened. However, though you may believe the world will revel in your stories, you have to remember that not everyone has the same beliefs and opinions as you. Your photos, status updates, and video uploads may not be attractive to employers, influencers, or even your personal network. Remember, you leave a digital trail on the Internet that never really disappears. Think before you start storytelling. Your personal brand will thank you later.

What other things should we avoid posting online?

Greg Harris is the Product Manager at Vizibility – he is part engineer, part researcher and designer. He comes up with ideas and new features that will make Vizibility more useful for online branding. He does this by talking to customers and partners to understand how they are using the product today and what they like and don’t like. Find Greg in Google at vizibility.com/greg.

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One Response to 3 Things NOT to Post Online

  1. Jessica says:

    Just as in real life, never casually express a negative opinion of any person, directly or indirectly. You never know how your audience may be connected to that person – if that’s true in real life, it’s doubly true online!

    I think it’s unwise to express your political opinions online. Remember that etiquette rule that labelled politics a taboo topic for polite conversation? It’s still true. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but keeping it to yourself often makes professional life easier, and even more importantly, circumspection just has more class.

    What do you think?

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