How to Use, Share and Optimize Your vizCard

This video provides individuals with vizCards and vizCard Pros with an overview of vizCards as well as shares the best ways to use and optimize vizCards for enhanced business development.

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What’s a vizCard & how can it help your firm?

vizCards are electronic business cards designed to provide your firm with a savvy technological impression.

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ALL-STATE Acquires Vizibility…the Perfect Marriage of Print & Pixels

Vizibility is excited to announce that we have been acquired by ALL-STATE, the nation’s premier engraver and printer for professional services firms.

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As the nation’s premier engraver and printer for professional services firms, we see business cards as the first form of mobile marketing. By marrying print and pixels, ALL–STATE is redefining the traditional business card to keep up with today’s technology and support client development.

Whether you’re an individual or with a firm, it’s easy to include your QR code on your printed business cards. Call 800.222.0510 to learn how ALL-STATE can streamline your printed and mobile business card ordering process into one seamless workflow. If you do decide to try ALL-STATE for your printed business cards, you’ll receive an unlimited number of vizCards™ for free.

Customers Get Free vizCards
An Annual Value of $999 — FREE!

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Six New Ways To Use Your Mobile Business Card

Your Vizibility Mobile Business Card keeps getting better. We’re excited to share several new ways Vizibility helps you engage with clients and prospects so you can close more business and save precious time.

Schedule a Meeting
Take the hassle out of setting up meetings. Make it easy for anyone who views your Mobile Business Card to conveniently schedule a meeting based on your real-time availability.

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Connect Multiple Accounts
Managing all your users is a snap. Organizations of all sizes can connect and easily manage multiple Vizibility accounts to gain access to powerful administrative tools and analytics. This is a Metrics Pack feature.

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A vCard in Every Email
Add your Mobile Business Card link to your email signature and share your vCard in every email. Get real-time alerts when your email signature is clicked, and unlike most vCard options, this one works on the iPhone.

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Add a Home Screen Shortcut
No printed business cards, no problem. Instantly access and share your Mobile Business Card any time by adding a simple shortcut to your phone’s home screen. Works on iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry.

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Text Your Mobile Business Card
In a hurry? Want to impress? Send a quick text message with a link to your Mobile Business Card to anyone in just a few simple steps.

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Build a Mobile Directory
Make it easy for customers to engage with your team through a searchable directory of all your connected Mobile Business Cards. You can even link to it from your website for an instant, easy-to-manage online company directory. This is a Metrics Pack feature.

Learn more | See a demo


Log into Vizibility to review your Mobile Business Card.

 Have a question? Visit our Help Desk to submit questions or chat with us online.

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RE/MAX Regional Services Launches Printed Business Cards with Mobile Capabilities for 4,000 Brokers and Agents

Disruptive Approach Shows How Industries with Generational Divides Between Workforces and Younger Consumers Can Thrive. And It’s Just Super Cool.

Read today’s full announcement.

remax-logoIn the real estate industry for example, the average age of an agent is 57 while the average new homebuyer is 30 years old. That’s a three-decade age gap. There are more than 80 million millennials in the United States and they’re buying their first homes right now. This generation has the highest lifetime value of any generation buying homes today. These technology natives are digital, mobile and social. If experienced brokers and agents want to connect with them and be invited into their sphere of influence, they need to adapt. Many industries have similar profiles.

So how do industries with such workforces enable their people to successfully connect and communicate with younger consumers to grow their businesses? While rolling out new technologies is often the answer, it can also be challenging to change entrenched attitudes and behaviors.

There is a disruptive approach now being taken to bridge this gap by connecting traditional marketing materials with new technologies in such a way that workforces can instantly use them without becoming technology experts. RE/MAX Regional Services, with 300 offices and over 4,000 agents across five regions including Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Southern Ohio and Southeastern Michigan, is addressing this challenge head on by leveraging conventional tools like printed business cards to introduce new mobile technologies preferred by younger consumers.

RE/MAX Regional Services CEO Dane Ellison notes that “printed business cards used to be a passive, one-way business tool everyone took for granted. Now they’re being transformed into a robust, digital inbound marketing platform that can drive leads, increase revenue, deliver meaningful metrics and eliminate repetitive information requests.”

To make it easy for their brokers and agents to order business cards, RE/MAX Regional Services has integrated links to the print portal and Vizibility into their agent intranet and browser tool bar.

Today, Vizibility and RE/MAX Regional Services announced a new portal where brokers and agents can easily order new printed business cards which are automatically connected via a QR code to a personalized mobile microsite for that professional. With Vizibility’s hosted Mobile Business Card, agents can easily share listings, virtual tours, video bios, client testimonials and vCards as well as provide one-click links to commonly sought referrals such as mortgage brokers, real estate lawyers, contractors, movers, etc. The Mobile Business Card can even be used to streamline appointment scheduling with prospects and clients. Brokers can see a metrics roll up across all their agents for valuable insights.

By integrating Vizibility into the business card purchasing process, RE/MAX Regional Services has made it effortless for agents of any technical ability to take advantage of this new inbound marketing tool ensuring wide scale adoption. This represents a fundamental shift in the way printed materials like business cards and stationary could be purchased in industries with agency models (where agents are responsible for procuring their own materials).

This disruptive shift, driven by the economic need to connect with buyers in new ways, presents an opportunity to value chain participants such as printers to drive centralized purchasing, reduce customer acquisition costs and increase lifetime value through sticky, hosted services.

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13 Mobile Stats Your Competitors Already Know [INFOGRAPHIC]

Are You Mobile Friendly or a Mobile Frenemy?

In 2012, smartphones and tablets out-shipped PCs by 2-to-1. People are using mobile devices more frequently to research professional services. Companies without a mobile experience drive 61% of their mobile traffic to their competitors.

However, people use different devices for different reasons. Simply porting an experience originally designed for a PC to a smartphone can make it more mobile-frenemy than mobile-friendly. According to Google, 57% of visitors won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile experience. A device specific approach to content and functionality is critical to consider.

Webinar: 13 Stats and 5 Tips You Can Use Immediately to Justify, Plan and Deliver a “Mobile First” Experience

To help understand the positive economic impact of an effective mobile strategy, Vizibility has compiled 13 definitive metrics that are shaping mobile strategies of the world’s most successful companies. The stats are available as an infographic below.

Larry Bodine, Editor-in-Chief of from LexisNexis® Martindale-Hubbell®, is joining Vizibility CEO James Alexander to host a webinar on Wednesday, February 20 at 12pm EST, to discuss these findings and offer 5 immediately actionable tips you can use now as part of justifying, developing and executing your mobile strategy. Register to attend the webinar.

13 Mobile Stats Your Competitors Already Know

Download the infographic:
High Resolution PDF

This infographic may be republished using the following attribution: “Infographic courtesy of Vizibility Inc.”


Infographic Sources

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Stat 9: Sterling Brands and SmithGeiger study 2012; Vizibility
Stat 10: ClickZ, 2012
Stat 11: The Mobile Playbook
Stat 12: Vizibility
Stat 13: Vizibility; Nielsen Norman Group

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Inc. Magazine: Vizibility is a Promising Alternative to Smartphone Contact Management Apps

Inc. Magazine

Inc. Magazine’s John Brandon reviewed the Vizibility Mobile Business Card in the February 2013 issue. His conclusion after sharing his Mobile Business Card at a major trade show: “I can rest easier knowing my contact information is safely stored in the phones of the people I meet, just a tap away.”

Read the full article.

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Top Professional Firms Lead in Online Identity Management with Mobile Business Cards from Vizibility

Business Cards for Edwards Wildman, Goldberg Segalla, and Marks Paneth

This week Vizibility announced several new customers including Edwards Wildman Palmer LLP, an AmLaw 100 firm with 625 lawyers and 14 offices across three continents; Goldberg Segalla LLP, a law firm with more than 140 lawyers in 11 offices across the Northeastern U.S. and Europe; and Marks Paneth & Shron LLP, the 32nd largest accounting firm in the United States with a significant presence in the New York region.




Vizibility also announced that top printer BurdgeCooper has begun offering Vizibility to its customers. BurdgeCooper is the world’s largest engraving company and one of the nation’s largest small-format commercial printers. Don Burdge, President of BurdgeCooper, noted, “Vizibility’s Mobile Business Card is the first viable, logical, scalable, mobile-friendly ‘bridge’ to the digital world that we’ve seen. When combined with our world-class printing capabilities, Vizibility will help us expand our customer base while deepening our relationships with current clients.”

Read the full announcement.


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Turn Your Printed Business Card into a Digital Bridge

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Make a killer first impression with a QR code-enabled business card.

If you’re like most successful sales professionals, when you meet a new prospect, you offer them a business card. It’s the first gift you give them as a professional – a small, rectangular piece of paper that succinctly provides your contact information. But it’s more than that – it’s the first tangible item most prospects receive that represents your professional identity.

Business cards are a time-honored tradition, and the rise of digital communications doesn’t mean you should stop using them, because they do have real value. But new digital tools should prompt you to rethink the professional identity contained on the card beyond simply adding an email address or website link.

These days, with about half of all Google searches originating from a mobile device, you need to think about building a bridge from your offline to your mobile identity, and your business card can help you do just that. By printing a QR code on your business card, you can leverage new mobile technology to share your online identity in a format optimized for mobile viewing – and take advantage of tools to track and update your online information.

QR codes are small, two-dimensional barcodes that contain digital data to direct people who scan it with a smartphone or tablet device to online information. Here’s how QR codes can work for you:

  • Enable wireless contact information exchange – the prospect scans your QR code with a smartphone or tablet, gaining instant access to a vCard you can easily set up.
  • Provide access to hand-picked online data – you can direct prospects to curated bios, links, professional portfolios, videos, customer testimonials and more online.
  • Showcase common connections – you can highlight common connections on LinkedIn and Facebook to quickly build rapport and credibility.
  • Deliver geo-tracking capabilities and automatic text/email alerts – you can find out when prospects scan your business card’s QR code in real time to measure impact.

A business card with a QR code also offers a unique branding opportunity. By working with a printer who specializes in QR codes on business cards, you can ensure a consistent brand identity across offline and online materials. QR codes also offer a personal branding opportunity: A QR code printed on a business card is still a relative novelty, and it brands the user as tech-savvy. In this way, it can serve as a shot of virtual Botox for older sales professionals in a world that increasingly values technology expertise across all business sectors.

The right QR code strategy can enable sales professionals to easily create, administer, track and update their online identities on mobile platforms and access support across multiple users and accounts. It’s also important to work with a reputable printer to generate new QR code-enabled business cards quickly and accurately.

Business cards are a great way to make a killer first impression, but today, most prospects will go online to find out more about you, and chances are good that they’ll use a smartphone or a tablet to do a search. A business card with a QR code gives them a fast and easy way to find relevant professional information – and gives you new control of your online identity.

By establishing a mobile-optimized online identity and directing prospects to your hand-picked information via a QR code printed on a business card, you can build relationships – and close deals – more quickly while making a great first impression.

If you’d like to speak with us about how you or your sales team can get started with your mobile business cards, feel free to call us at 1-866-380-3400 x110. Of course you can just scan the QR code on my business card:

About the Author

James Alexander is founder and CEO of Vizibility Inc., the world’s first mobile business card platform for small, medium and large organizations. A serial technology entrepreneur, James was involved in two other successful startups and served as a product management executive at Adobe Systems prior to founding Vizibility. Google James at Learn more about the company and its online identity management solutions at

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Managing Online Reputations During a Crisis

Protect and Manage Clients’ Online Reputations with Curated Search Results: A Recent Talk at the PRSA National Conference in San Francisco

PR crisis management expert James Lukaszewski (Google Me via Vizibility) and Vizibility founder and CEO James Alexander (Google Me via Vizibility) gave a talk recently at the PRSA national conference in San Francisco.

A preemptive PR strategy is essential in helping clients build their reputations and to protect, defend, and preserve reputation during crisis events. Since Google is now the go-to source for information, PR professionals need to know how to manage search results and direct information seekers to the right links.

During this presentation attendees discovered an effective, easy-to-administer solution that allows them to proactively manage search results by pre-selecting the links they want displayed and use personal Google AdWords campaigns to direct users to the right information about their clients. It enables PR professionals to curate and share online client identities, personalize search results and direct contacts to professional profiles and other important information. By using techniques to optimize the ranking of hand-picked search engine results, PR professionals can more effectively help clients manage their online reputations and control emerging stories.

These strategies are also the foundation for preemptive, constructive crisis management communications initiatives that can sustain, protect, and even enhance reputations.

Download the handout

View the slides

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